Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Eric is an award-winning educator, nationally recognized in conflict resolution and team productivity.

Eric and his team won national acclaim from the Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for their pioneering work with student mediation in schools.

Eric personally studied and worked with many of the world’s pre-eminent business leaders and educators including:

Wally Famous Amos

Stephen Covey

Buckminster Fuller

Tom Peters

Tony Robbins

He received a B.A. from The Colorado College, and advanced education at the Burklyn Business School and the Excelerated Business School for Entrepreneurs.

He is certified in mediation and ancient Hawaiian Ho`oponopono (problem solving and freedom from stress), and has taught with Hawaiian Living Treasure and world-renown Kahuna, “The Big Kahuna”, Morrnah Simeona.

Eric is Vice President of TeamWorks.